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Bioroot Energy converts solid and liquid carbon wastes, all types of biomass, biosolids, coal, methane, and CO2 into clean, strong alcohol fuel and specialty biochemical alcohols. Higher mixed alcohol fuel (a synthetic blend of linear, normal alcohols) contains about 60% more BTUs per unit volume than C1 methanol, and nearly 20% more BTUs than ethanol. Drop it into any gas or diesel engine as a 5-30% blendstock or as a total petroleum substitute in flex-fuel vehicles and go.

In the US Department of Energy report, Combustion Characteristics of Higher Mixed Alcohol/Gasoline Blends,  higher mixed alcohols added to gasoline produced significantly improved fuel quality. Higher mixed alcohols enhanced gasoline octane and decreased engine emissions. The addition of higher mixed alcohols gave better results than adding individual alcohols such as methanol or ethanol to gasoline.

Source: http://www.fischer-tropsch.org/DOE/DOE_report  (Click link to download PDF)