Clean Fuels at a Glance

  • • Higher Mixed Alcohols
  • • Methanol
  • • Grain Ethanol
  • • Cellulosic Ethanol
  • • Synthetic Ethanol
  • • Biodiesel
  • • Butanol
  • • Dimethyl Ether (DME)
Synthetic gasoline? Syndiesel from coal? Oil-based fuels from algae, grasses or waste grease? Single alcohols like ethanol? What about higher mixed alcohol fuel?

Which fuel is the best and why?

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Fuel For Thought

There is no energy crisis, only a crisis of ignorance."

- Buckminister Fuller

Somebody needed to do something, and it was incredibly pathetic that it had to be us.

- Jerry Garcia

We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities.

- Walt Kelly

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.

-Richard Feynman

More Fuel For Thought

The Green Fuel Prescription

At Risk: Economy, Environment
Disease: Fossil Fuel Dependency
Symptoms: Pollution, Oil Sheiks
Cure: Higher Mixed Alcohol Fuel
Dosage: Continuous 24/7
Contraindications: None
Manufacturer: Bioroot Energy, LLC

BE Donor Profile: Dick White

Here’s a kind and thoughtful man who’s been around the block and learned more than most from the journey. Dick White is a resident of Hamilton, Montana, and a fellow charter member of the Bitterroot Toastmasters Club, to which I belong.

Last Wednesday, I gave a speech to fellow club members titled “Occupy Energy,” which made the case for community involvement and support for developing our clean fuel project in western Montana. Toward the end of the speech in the call to action, I asked people to visit our donation site and drop a dollar or two in the project bucket as a donation to help the project move forward.

Dick doesn’t own a computer, and says he doesn’t care to. He’s enjoys the moment in the real world. He’s also a good listener who understood that I was not giving a practice speech. (Although I did say it wasn’t a practice speech, this is the express purpose of our club.)  

Dick is the oldest person in our Toastmasters club. He’s also the wisest, in my opinion. Because he’s no spring chicken, he’s the least likely of all our club members to ever see the benefit from his donation: a fuel that replaces gasoline and diesel and ethanol. Made from a community’s trash and biomass by the community.

At the end of the meeting, he motioned for me to come over and talk. I sat down next to him and he dropped $40 on the table and told me to make good use of it. I was stunned. He reached in his pocket and covered everyone in the room.

I am humbled by his warmth, generosity and kindness. Thanks for paying it forward for the next generation, Dick!

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