Clean Fuels at a Glance

  • • Higher Mixed Alcohols
  • • Methanol
  • • Grain Ethanol
  • • Cellulosic Ethanol
  • • Synthetic Ethanol
  • • Biodiesel
  • • Butanol
  • • Dimethyl Ether (DME)
Synthetic gasoline? Syndiesel from coal? Oil-based fuels from algae, grasses or waste grease? Single alcohols like ethanol? What about higher mixed alcohol fuel?

Which fuel is the best and why?

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Fuel For Thought

There is no energy crisis, only a crisis of ignorance."

- Buckminister Fuller

Somebody needed to do something, and it was incredibly pathetic that it had to be us.

- Jerry Garcia

We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities.

- Walt Kelly

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.

-Richard Feynman

More Fuel For Thought

The Green Fuel Prescription

At Risk: Economy, Environment
Disease: Fossil Fuel Dependency
Symptoms: Pollution, Oil Sheiks
Cure: Higher Mixed Alcohol Fuel
Dosage: Continuous 24/7
Contraindications: None
Manufacturer: Bioroot Energy, LLC

Questions? Here's an airtight answer.

Is today’s biofuel industry on life support? Will “fermenting” corn, grasses and plants to make ethanol get us “there” from here? What about algae? Can pond scum deliver a home run for humanity? What about french-fry grease? Think biodiesel is going to float the world’s boat or truck dollars to your bank account?

Is drilling for oil just digging the fossil-energy hole deeper? Will any of today’s fuels address problems with our environment or our economy? Or make them worse?

Higher mixed alcohol fuel is the only “seamless” drop-in fuel for powering all gas and diesel engines. The only one EPA-registered for use in all 50 states. The only renewable fuel that can be produced 24×7 anywhere there are sufficient carbonaceous feedstocks.

Where aren’t there enough “carbons” to profitably produce higher mixed alcohol fuel? The answer is, only in outer space. ;-)

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