High Performance Alcohol Fuels & Biochemical Alcohols


July 2017

  • Bioroot Energy CEO Jay Toups invited by United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to present at Future Energy Forum, Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan, August 14-15.

May 2017

  • Dr. Stephanie Mines, Ph. D., examines the consciousness of climate change and Bioroot Energy CEO Jay Toups’ personal reasons for starting the company. Climate Change & Consciousness: Our Legacy for the Earth will be held at the Findhorn Foundation, North Scotland, April 20-26, 2019. The conference being organized by Dr. Mines will feature some of the clearest and most passionate and influential voices for the Earth ever gathered in one place.

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March, 2010

“The driver – and another one who tested the car later – said the car felt like it had more punch with the new fuel. At press time, the tank sat nearly half-full after 190 miles. The tank holds 13 gallons, and by rough calculations, the uptick in fuel economy was at least 20 percent.”

Keila Szpaller, Reporter
The Missoulian


“This is our chance to prove sustainability in our own backyards with resources that we have that nobody wants.”

March, 2008

Roots of our company: Big Sky Coalition to host biomass symposium

“If we do begin the large landscape forest restoration efforts that we believe need to happen, there is going to be huge amounts of this biomass. On average here on the Bitterroot forest, there will be about 18 tons per acre.”