Clean Fuels at a Glance

  • • Higher Mixed Alcohols
  • • Methanol
  • • Grain Ethanol
  • • Cellulosic Ethanol
  • • Synthetic Ethanol
  • • Biodiesel
  • • Butanol
  • • Dimethyl Ether (DME)
Synthetic gasoline? Syndiesel from coal? Oil-based fuels from algae, grasses or waste grease? Single alcohols like ethanol? What about higher mixed alcohol fuel?

Which fuel is the best and why?

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Fuel For Thought

There is no energy crisis, only a crisis of ignorance."

- Buckminister Fuller

Somebody needed to do something, and it was incredibly pathetic that it had to be us.

- Jerry Garcia

We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities.

- Walt Kelly

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.

-Richard Feynman

More Fuel For Thought

The Green Fuel Prescription

At Risk: Economy, Environment
Disease: Fossil Fuel Dependency
Symptoms: Pollution, Oil Sheiks
Cure: Higher Mixed Alcohol Fuel
Dosage: Continuous 24/7
Contraindications: None
Manufacturer: Bioroot Energy, LLC

It’s the American Way

NYT Environment blogger Andrew Revkin rocks it with a tune about America’s fossil energy addiction. This song, by “Andy Revkin,” relates the history of humanity’s dirty relationship with fossil fuels.

Homo Sapiens have a sacred duty to steward the natural environment and protect it from degradation or outright destruction. It’s a sobering thought that humanity might have better luck deflecting asteroids away from a terrestrial encounter than doing anything substantive to fix the atmosphere now being used as an open sewer by industry and society.

A coalition of the ready, willing and capable is forming at:

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300 Years of Fossil Energy

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The High Price of Cheap Energy

Affordable and clean, renewable, liquid energy isn’t a money problem or a technology problem. It’s a social problem.

Margaret Mead once said, “The only person who likes change is a wet baby.”  To which Hunter Lovins added:  “And the baby squalls all the way through the process.”

Gas isn’t cheap anymore, and unlikely to ever be cheap again.  And the price of a clean environment? Going right through the roof as the climate warms, pollution increases, and America whines about rising prices that most of the rest of the world’s people would happily pay for toxic gasoline.

These are reasons enough to actively support Bioroot Energy’s mission with higher mixed alcohol fuel production in your town. Look in your heart, and your trash can, for timely, affordable answers to America’s fossil energy addiction. This is change we can live with and you can drive to the bank. Without needing to change anything except your mind. Here’s where a little reciprocity will go a long way in fixing America’s sad addiction to fossil energy. It’s anything but cheap.

Donate to our first project:
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The Earth Is Full

Posted today in the Opinion section on CNN’s web site. How ironic. As if there was any doubt that the writing is on the wall. If we don’t change the insane, delusional social and economic shell games we’re playing with the planet and each other, it will be game over in as little as 20-30 years. The evidence is all around you, even now. If you think humanity has it coming, you’re right. There’s a time of reckoning coming, and it will be horrific unless there’s a sea change, in you, your family, your neighbors, your community, city, state, country.

Watch the video. Think about what you’re about to see. Deeply. But don’t stop there. Come back from the pit of sadness you’re going to feel after watching and vow to take up arms against this hydra-headed monster called fossil energy. It’s the license we’ve used for 200 years to deny the immutable laws of Earth’s finite systems (air, water, lands, habitats, animals, plants, microbial life, etc.)

Are we making progress as a civilization in stopping this runaway train of progress and growth at all costs fueled by fossil energy? Hell no. In the word of Paul Guilding, “We’re not even slowing down.”

This future that Gilding sees is a dark one, where we are fighting a war, not between civilizations, but for civilization itself. But it’s a time when we will be able to solve problems, to innovate and recreate like never before. And maybe we’ll come out of it with a stable economy, with a mature civilization, better than the adolescent one we now live in.

When we feel fear, we are capable of extraordinary things. There’s no real technical barrier to turning the corner on eliminating CO2 emissions. None! We can do it affordably and sustainably, but we need to first change ourselves by acting as if we only have one planet. Not 1.5, 2 or 3.

Mankind has built a powerful foundation of science and technology. We can use this knowledge base to move past bumbling capitalist innocence and grow up. We can build a sustainable society which is stronger and happier, and built to last. We can choose life over fear. But it will take every entrepreneur, every artist, every scientist, every communicator, every mother, every father, every child.

Fossil energy zombie numbed into a life of slime? Or committed soldier dedicated to doing something while there’s still time? It’s a personal decision. Bioroot Energy is leading a coalition of the ready, willing and able to introduce a liquid fuel that strikes at the heart of the problem of progress at any cost: fossil energy emissions and pollution.

You can help Bioroot Energy begin to fix fossil energy. Or you can recycle cardboard and plastic and kid yourself that it makes any difference in the big picture. Or do nothing and hand over a lifetime of misery to your children.

You do have a choice to make. Choose wisely.


Link to CNN article

Link to TED Blog article

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Are you a fossil energy zombie?

Could this describe you?

  • Fill your fuel tank with a toxic fuel, set it afire and spray emissions out your tailpipe every day?
  • Leave your computer on overnight, every night?
  • You hate the high price of gasoline but pay it anyway because you believe you have no choice?
  • You think the people and companies behind ENVIROLENE® are dreamers?
  • You think a clean fuel that makes money and doesn’t pollute is too good to be true?
  • You think a clean environment is impossible because it’s too far gone?
  • You think it’s wise to use 40 percent of America’s biggest food crop for a biofuel?
  • You accept air, water and land pollution as collateral damage so you can get to Wally World?
  • You don’t mind ice caps melting, or oceans becoming too acidic because of carbon emissions?
  • You don’t sweat the future. It’s the next generation’s problem?

If you see yourself here, you are definitely part of the problem. What can you do about it?

  • You can fill your tank with a water soluble, biodegradable fuel made from what’s in your trash.
  • You can flip a power switch off and reduce the use of coal to power your devices and lighting.
  • You can help develop a cleaner, more appropriate liquid fuel that powers any gas or diesel engine.
  • You can wake up from the nightmare you and fellow zombies are creating by unconsciously contributing to the problems around you where fossil energy use is concerned.
  • You can begin to heal the environment by encouraging production of a fuel that solves far more problems than producing and using this fuel creates. (You could help BE make history with the first fuel to ever live up to its pre-market billing.)
  • You can bring sanity back to the American farmer. Help them grow nourishing, pesticide-free food instead of biofuel crops requiring massive fossil energy inputs. (Biofuel crops aren’t needed.)
  • You can resolve to BE the solution you want to see instead of the fossil energy zombie you have become. (Hey it’s not personal!) We welcome your interest and support!

Nothing like sunlight to bring a little disinfectant to the fossil energy orgy. If this hits close to home, do yourself and BE a favor or two:

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Dr. James Hansen gives it to you straight, no chaser

The evidence is overwhelming. And still some will argue about climate change. Man made or natural cycling of the environment? Who cares, the climate is changing and mankind’s use of fossil energy is at least partly responsible for driving this feedback loop.

Dr. James Hansen heads the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City, a part of the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. He has held this position since 1981. He is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University.

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GE rejects Republicans’ climate change doubts

GE gets it. The climate change argument is over. The atmosphere is heating up, the oceans are rising, habitat is disappearing, and pollution from fossil energy combustion emissions is running rampant.   Regardless of the reasons, do you really want to deny any of this is happening on your watch, dear reader of the moment? Go right ahead, but don’t say you haven’t been warned. Listen to GE, they have no particular political agenda here other than good science and a fair and balanced dialog around the burning issue of our time.

“General Electric has brushed aside the doubts leading Republican presidential contenders have raised about climate science.The US industrial and financial conglomerate said it had long seen climate change as a valid concern after an internal evaluation of the scientific case in 2005.

We found enough data there to have a company like GE respond and we have responded,” said Mark Vachon, head of the “ecomagination” sustainable business initiative GE launched in that year. He said revenues generated by operations in his portfolio now totalled $100bn and were growing at more than twice the rate of those in the rest of the company.”

Link to rest of Financial Times article (sign up required)

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2012: The Year Shift Happens

Evidence of fossil energy pollution might be over our heads, but it’s still everybody’s problem in need of a solution.

Ready for shift to hit the fan from all directions?

Warmer winters, hotter summers, more volatile weather, drought and retreating glaciers, etc. And rising energy prices to go along with rising emissions and sea levels. Ready for increasingly expensive change? Every product or service with an energy cost (what doesn’t?) will cost more.

Ready to be disappointed by elected leaders and big energy businesses who’d rather hold the nation back than propel it forward?

Government can scarcely put fingers in the dykes to hold back the flood of debt that threatens the foundation of our country, and some say, the global economy. So the government won’t be much help in the world of clean renewable energy, even though a lot of taxpayer money is being thrown at the problem. It’s a private sector opportunity, and the renewables that survive will be those that not only work as advertised, but which make their investors money.

Renewable energy is the energy that people produce from local resources, community-scale commitments, and astute business leadership.

America’s troubling economic issues and world environmental problems are tied directly to fossil energy use, emissions and supply – price volatility.  Our nation’s near total reliance on fossil energy. Yours, mine, everyone’s dependence, except the few fortunates who’ve cut fossil-fuel ties via solar, geothermal, wind, and biofuels.

But America isn’t really out of ways to change the game with renewables—especially when it comes to producing clean, renewable fuels. In fact, America hasn’t even begun to tap into the promise of true next-generation fuels such as Envirolene®!

Here’s the viable, profitable clean fuel replacement for gasoline, diesel and corn ethanol.  Here’s the fuel that rivals gasoline and diesel in power, and dominates ethanol or other single alcohols such as methanol or butanol. It’s the world’s strongest alcohol fuel. With huge price, volume, performance and emissions advantages. And this premium higher mixed alcohol fuel can be produced 24/7 in all 50 states from end of life carbons such as trash, biomass, sludge, etc. Or coal, methane and CO2.

How will higher mixed alcohol fuel work in the real world? Here’s a brief introductory article:

The world is stuck on oil and coal, and the domestic gasoline supply gets a splash of corn ethanol. Oil and coal are a devil’s bargain. And so is the fact that 39 percent of America’s corn crop is dedicated to producing ethanol fuel! We can do better.

Shift To Renewable Fuel Value

Would you like to be responsible for making sure there are better days ahead for our country and the environment? Join us in developing higher mixed alcohol fuel production from America’s abundant trash, non-crop biomass, coal, and fossil gases such as methane and CO2.  Let’s make lots of what America and the entire transportation world needs: clean liquid fuels.

Investment Community (Private, Institutional):

There are no bigger opportunities in clean energy than the race to fill the US Renewable Fuels Standard mandate of 36 billion gallons of clean fuels by 2022.  Are you backing the right renewable liquid energy technologies? How much do you really know about biofuels? Your support for higher mixed alcohol production is a solid bet on the future of green fuels. What’s more, investment in clean fuel creation keeps these dollars in circulation where it counts: your city.

Solid and Liquid Waste Management Companies:

Don’t overlook the missing backend solution for source reduction: In the abundant and very toxic solid and liquid wastes that America hauls daily to regional landfills or incinerators are the building blocks for a cleaner liquid energy product and a cleaner planet.  It is the stored energy in America’s liquid and solid wastes buried in the ground, or worse, burned to make electricity and more greenhouse gases.

Choices are few when it comes to what kinds of energy can be produced from wastes: electricity or liquid fuels. Will you produce oil-based fuels? Or will you produce a clean alcohol fuel that blends into all kinds of petroleum fuels and makes them combust more completely, lowering emissions?

Timber and Forestry:

Now more than ever , it doesn’t pay to be a logger.  Especially if you have past due loans for logging equipment and not enough work because of record low demand for dimensional lumber amid the ongoing national recession.   Where will this dismal outlook lead? Bankruptcy? Is there any opportunity left for loggers to salvage what’s left of their operations and start again? What market need can be met by today’s forestry industry?

Perhaps this day of reckoning will lead the forestry industry to look for a new measure of value from all types of wood and woody wastes. Beyond the board foot to the BTU, for example. Not merely from harvesting trees for dimensional lumber or wood chips, but also the needles, barks, branches, small diameter trees and slash that is traditionally piled and burned in place.  Or used for making small amounts of point-source electricity using a dirty biomass boiler.  That “hat trick” might make some electricity but it won’t make anyone’s equipment loan payments.

It’s time to find a use for wood and all other types of non-crop biomass that actually makes money consistently and creates jobs.  Our country needs clean alternative transportation fuels.  Our country is experiencing massive die off in western US and Canadian forests from beetles. There is clearly a need for the logging industry to pick up the pieces and reinvent itself.

Here’s a way forward that makes sense, and money.

Municipal, County, State, Federal Governments:

Governments across around the world are looking for new sources of revenue, and energy creation from municipal wastes and biomass is a good bet. Working with cities and towns, Bioroot Energy seeks to leverage what goes to waste in every town of any size, converting “end of life” carbons as cleanly, profitably and efficiently as possible into finished, market-ready fuel.  Made from woody biomass. Municipal waste. Sewer sludge.  As well as coal, methane and CO2. All of these waste and fossil carbon sources are ideal feedstocks to make lots of water soluble, biodegradable higher mixed alcohol fuel!

BE People Are Driving Change:

It’s never been more important for people on Main Street to create products the world can use. Like a clean fuel people can produce locally, sell all they can produce, create good-paying jobs, clean up solid and liquid wastes, and pay taxes on profits to local, state and federal government.

Imagine that. Main Street paying taxes on big profits from sales of a clean, renewable fuel made from trash?

This is the year shift happens. Let’s the rock the ship of state!

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Just who are the dreamers?

“It’s not a solution unless it solves your problem.”

To build a strong business in the clean energy world, you need a solution that actually solves problems. And a tireless work ethic*, a big heart, a sparkly personality, a tough hide, and a big wallet. And a lot of luck, hard work, and tough decisions to succeed. We’ve got everything but the big wallet, but we’re working on that too.

But it’s not really a money problem. It’s you. And people you know. It’s me, it’s us. We need fossil-energy users to wake up and demand that this industry clean up its act. That means you. Your friends. Your acquaintances and theirs too.

*Tireless: This CEO has been telecommuting for 14 years, and working non-stop for the past 4 years on Bioroot Energy. Mark Radosevich, co-founder of Standard Alcohol and our chief scientist, has been working for 17 years to turn on ENVIROLENE® production.

We’ve spoken to a lot of people around the world about ENVIROLENE®. From politicians and hi-tech pundits, billionaires and garden-variety millionaire industrialists, to forestry people and regular business people, and our neighbors and friends, to a simple, kind and sweet man in Conner, Montana, who lives in a teepee, chops his own wood and carries his own water, and hitchhikes wherever he needs to go.

(I give “JP” rides into town if he’s out beside the road with his thumb out when I drive by. He has a survivor story for the ages. He’s disabled and can’t drive a car, but he loves hearing about Bioroot Energy and ENVIROLENE®.)

Few have taken time to understand the technology, and as a result none have decided to back it yet.

Folks at the top are the ones who really *inspire* me.  These are the people who can still afford to dream.

Wealthy folks and venture capital types mostly think we’re dreamers who don’t have the right stuff (or backing from “others” like them already in place) to get it done. Playing it safe by letting others take the risk is their game, because it’s to their advantage. People with money can afford to sit and watch the world struggle under the weight of too much problem, not enough solution.

We’d rather try and fail than perpetuate the American status quo (currently something out a bad dream) with a know-nothing, do-nothing attitude and a fat bank account. Just because folks have money doesn’t mean they necessarily have a wealth of intelligence.

Folks in the middle really (really) hope the ENVIROLENE® opportunity proves as good as advertised. It is the middle class, after all, that has the most to gain from our clean fuel’s success. Playing life as it happens is all most middle class folks can do at this point. Although, some people do take time to leave an endorsement or drop a dollar or two in our community funded project account.

Folks at the bottom are in too much economic pain to see past the next paycheck, if they still have a job. These folks aren’t playing footsy with reality, they’re struggling to survive.

Folks in the middle and the bottom, we’re doing this for you and yours, and us and ours. If what we’re talking about seems too good to be true, don’t worry. This one’s all true.  And your support is vital to our effort to spark the first two ENVIROLENE projects.  Thank you.

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BE@Home in the Bitterroot

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What We Are For

Repost from What We Are For

Every activist engaged in combating human-caused climate change or specific elements of the current energy economy knows that the work is primarily oppositional. It could hardly be otherwise; for citizens who care about ecological integrity, a sustainable economy, and the health of nature and people, there is plenty to oppose—biomass logging [for generating electricity] in Massachusetts, mountaintop-removal coal mining in West Virginia, natural gas drilling in Wyoming, poorly sited solar developments in California, river-killing dams in Chile and Brazil, and new nuclear and coal plants around the globe.

These and many other fights against destructive energy projects are crucial, but they can be draining and tend to focus the conversation in negative terms. Sometimes it’s useful to reframe the discourse about ecological limits and economic restructuring in positive terms, that is, about what we’re for.

Read the rest of the article

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Think $4 Gas Is Highway Robbery?

A random sample of fuel prices shows we have a pretty good deal. But that will change.

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Taming The Fossil Energy Dragon

So the economy is tanking deeper and more prolonged than most thought possible. And it’s not over by a long shot.

There’s other stuff going on. You’re aware of increasing CO2 emissions and rising temperature and sea levels? Here’s an alarming update, in one easy to digest (but hard to swallow) article. Ignore what it says about burning fossil energy at your peril. Your family’s too.  If you’re still not convinced we’re creating big problems for the planet, read this breaking article about a huge crack in one of Antarctica’s glaciers.

We have a giant to slay, and it isn’t simply problems with big oil or coal. Pollution and runaway CO2 is just the symptom of a larger dysfunction. The real villain is consumer apathy born of a century of fossil energy, with emissions and pollution growing worse with the massive increase of coal and petroleum use worldwide…and a lack of credible clean liquid fuel alternatives to date.  The “carbon” problems are growing, and they’re over our heads, on our lands, and in our oceans, rivers, and lakes! In 2010, CO2 emissions went up by 5 percent: the fastest rise in the last 20 years.

Our clean higher mixed alcohol fuel can change this terrifying end-game scenario of too many carbons, when enough people understand how (and why) it’s the only fuel that can solve more problems than producing and using it creates.

Continue reading Taming The Fossil Energy Dragon

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BE Donor Profile: Dick White

Here’s a kind and thoughtful man who’s been around the block and learned more than most from the journey. Dick White is a resident of Hamilton, Montana, and a fellow charter member of the Bitterroot Toastmasters Club, to which I belong.

Last Wednesday, I gave a speech to fellow club members titled “Occupy Energy,” which made the case for community involvement and support for developing our clean fuel project in western Montana. Toward the end of the speech in the call to action, I asked people to visit our donation site and drop a dollar or two in the project bucket as a donation to help the project move forward.

Dick doesn’t own a computer, and says he doesn’t care to. He’s enjoys the moment in the real world. He’s also a good listener who understood that I was not giving a practice speech. (Although I did say it wasn’t a practice speech, this is the express purpose of our club.)  

Dick is the oldest person in our Toastmasters club. He’s also the wisest, in my opinion. Because he’s no spring chicken, he’s the least likely of all our club members to ever see the benefit from his donation: a fuel that replaces gasoline and diesel and ethanol. Made from a community’s trash and biomass by the community.

At the end of the meeting, he motioned for me to come over and talk. I sat down next to him and he dropped $40 on the table and told me to make good use of it. I was stunned. He reached in his pocket and covered everyone in the room.

I am humbled by his warmth, generosity and kindness. Thanks for paying it forward for the next generation, Dick!

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America’s forests: Land of many (good) uses

The video points to housing and other traditional markets for wood products. Responsible use of wood from America’s forests can also include using what has historically been piled and burned because there was no better use of the needles, barks, branches and cones from thinning and fuel reduction projects. (All that “waste” biomass can make a lot of great clean fuel, an un-traditional but valuable use of wood.)

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