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When enough people understand Higher Mixed Alcohol fuel and support its commercial production, a clean liquid energy revolution will begin. And never stop.

Want to help turn on the sleeping giant of alcohol fuels? We invite you to add your name and a message of support for this game-changing alcohol fuel. Thank you for your commitment to a cleaner, healthier environment, and your expression of support. It’s greatly appreciated and useful in our outreach to investors and the media.

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Featured Endorsement:

Upcycle The Gyres

“Upcycle the Gyres Society (UGS) aims to transform marine plastic pollution into revenue streams. UGS will recover plastic waste from the world’s oceans and transform it into higher mixed alcohol fuel, plastic derived fuels, textiles, 3D printer stock and other valuable resources.

UGS is proposing that the free market, marine academia, and government need to collaborate to make oceanic plastic cleanup a proposition that is not only environmentally sustainable, but environmentally regenerative as well as a creator of jobs and of social benefit. Bioroot Energy and higher mixed alcohol fuel are very much in line of the desired partnerships and products with which UGS is seeking to associate itself. UGS wants to help get the word out about higher mixed alcohol fuel and include it as a main option that we will be presenting to our developing projects and potential projects.”

José Luis Gutiérrez-García

Project Director | Upcycle the Gyres Society

Left your endorsement? Thanks! Want to do more? Donate to support the first production project:

Endorsements are powerful testaments to mankind’s emerging awareness of Higher Mixed Alcohol fuel. Our thanks to those who understand and support this game-changing clean fuel ahead of its commercial production:

Michael Smook
“I think that Bioroot Energy, through its clean gas-to-liquid fuel process, generating an environmentally friendly energy source, is revolutionizing the way business is conducted. I believe that perhaps this technology could be the biggest thing to happen since Edison and the electric light bulb was transitioned to power an entire city over 100 years ago. At the same time, I see this organization embarked on a profitable endeavor. I admire what Jay Toups and his team are working towards and I am confident of its ongoing success.”

- Michael Smook, New York City

Mark Churney
“I have worked in the chemical petroleum field for over 8 years, and have seen many things. I know that all things will come to an end. Some will happen sooner then others. I know that old mother earth, humanity, and any future generations are being impacted by this world’s current lack of foresight. I know that Bioroot Energy offers a much better and well thought out option for this world’s future. We must change our ways and help forward-looking leaders of companies such as Bioroot Energy guide us all into a better use of our resources.”

- Mark Churney, Intertek Resident Inspector, Twin Cities Area

Patty Berner
“The time to make this real is now. Endorsing this company is the only truly important thing I’ve done on this machine. If you love the world of life and beauty, then give this technology a chance. Do the right thing, don’t wait any longer.”

- Patricia Berner

Darlene and Dave Robinson
“When you learn about something as promising as this you can’t help but be intrigued. This could be a whole new start for the generations to come.”

- Darlene & Dave Robinson

Pat Connell
“With an international goal to improve the standard of living for everyone, along with the ever present worldwide population growth, it is incumbent upon us to support the development of a bio-renewable energy source that is technologically and economically sound. The synergistic benefits from redirecting the carbon release from mega-wildfires to this renewable fuel has staggering social beneficial implications for our watersheds, wildlife habitat, clean air, and general forest health.”

- Pat Connell, MT State Senator, Certified Forester

“As President of the Bitter Root Resource Conservation and Development Area, Inc. (RC&D), I was pleased to attend your presentation. The background information you provided to the Forest Products Processing Center group about Bioroot Energy and its origins was intriguing. The science behind the development of higher mixed alcohol fuel is encouraging and the potential to have a positive impact on our natural resources appears to be well thought out. Read full endorsement

- Allen C. Bjergo, President, Bitter Root RC&D

Dave Finnigan, Climate Change Is Elementary
“We are eager to promote anything that will slow down global warming and help return our Planet to the condition we found it in. ‘You break it you fix it.'”

- Dave Finnigan, Climate Change Is Elementary

Karen Hertz
“Sounds great to me! Looking forward to learning more and seeing clean alternative fuels such as higher mixed alcohol fuel becoming the norm. Thank you! “

- Karen Hertz

Gary Crays
“Our reliance on fossil fuels for energy and packaging is at its end. We have to make this viable option known and make the change happen. Getting the word out to everyone is the best way. I strongly support this project.”

- Gary Crays

Steve Moyer
“First time I’ve heard of this technology. It sounds quite promising. Please keep me informed of your progress. Blessings!”

- Steve Moyer

Douglas Taylor
“Good things that make sense are our only responsible action.”

- Douglas Taylor

Andrea Stover
“Bioroot Energy offers one of the most doable options for mitigating against the worst effects of climate change and getting us on track to sustainable, systems-designed societies. It allows us to produce clean, biodegradable fuel out of our dirtiest garbage and use it without the need for modifications. It is the essential carbon bridge that should be part of every municipal and community plan across the globe.”

- Andrea Stover

Anita Massey-Kaelin
“It is time for a change – Bioroot Energy offers a common-sense solution to save us from extinction as a species.”

- Anita Massey-Kaelin

Nedra Allgood
“This proven technology, Higher Mixed Alcohol Fuel, will change our world. The resources for it are in our own backyards and landfills. Since we as a people have made this mess in our environment, we should be responsible for rescuing it. Bioroot Energy is blazing a path to reach the goal of having a clean fuel at less cost, that will make the earth a healthier place to live and release us from our dependence on fossil fuels.”

- Nedra Allgood

Erica Velis
“At a time when level-headed scientists are discussing “near term extinction” and warning that we may only have five years left to mitigate the most catastrophic effects of climate change—there has never been a better moment to invest aggressively in clean energy solutions.

As world population continues to surge, energy demand continues to rise, and traditional energy sources become more depleted, costly and difficult to extract—one thing is now clear: we can’t wait any longer. We have to change the way we produce energy—radically—but how will we do it?

While nearly every solution on the table seems to have its downsides, there is one that, remarkably, requires no drilling, mining, or resource intensive (and ultimately unsustainable) biomass crop production. It can be generated from nearly anything and it actually helps remediate our polluted environment by converting wastes, including methane and CO2, into a clean, powerful fuel.

Bioroot Energy has, in fact, done the seemingly impossible. They’ve figured out how to create high performance, cleaning-burning fuel in a way that solves more than one problem—and doesn’t create any new ones.

Will Bioroot Energy save the world? Well, that’s hard to say but, if given a chance, it may just revolutionize it.”

- Erica Velis, Editor, Global Marketing & Communications, Interbrand Editor, Best Global Green Brands

Nancy Ivy
“Missed your talk in SLC but greatly support your MISSION AND SCIENCE. Thank you for your long, hard work and hope to support you in making this real.”

- Nancy Ivy

Don Conner
“I work in the oil field for a major oil company; therefore, I know how important it is for your work to succeed. I wish you the best of luck and God bless you for creating alternative fuels that reduce emissions. Everyone needs to be aware of what lies ahead if we stay on the paths we have been on. I thank you, and my grandkids will one day thank you.”

- Don Conner

Henry Augustine
“Bioroot Energy fills me with hope and excitement for our future. For those visionary and philanthropic enough not to pass this off immediately as something that’s “too good to be true” – I highly recommend you learn more about this opportunity and get involved. I believe it will pay off not just for all humans but for all life on Earth.”

- Henry Augustine, August Opportunities

John (and Susan) Miller
“Good luck on your endeavors here. Great to see work being done in a different direction than fossil fuels. I will follow close as this is a new direction not to produce the same in same out as we are all used to seeing. Sustainable and renewable, doesn’t get much better.”

- John Miller

David Sullivan
“Best of success converting garbage to energy, and directing flared ND methanes to something positive.”

- David Sullivan

Kim Utt
“As a trained biochemist, I endorse Bioroot Energy. Higher mixed alcohol technology is sound and exciting, a pinnacle in recycled energy that could have significant impact on a lot of issues that face us today. I urge you to inform yourself about this exciting technology.”

- Kim Utt

Dr. David Folland, MD
“To avoid shooting way past 2 degrees Celsius of global warming, it’s imperative that most of the fossil fuels stay in the ground and that other clean energy sources are developed. Higher mixed alcohol fuel promises be a critical component of the mix that we will need as we transition off of fossil fuels.”

- Dr. David Folland, MD

Sam Green
“I am amazed by the potential of Bioroot Energy’s Higher Mixed Alcohol Fuel. It will help to lessen our reliance on fossil fuel, while giving us an extremely clean and higher octane fuel. It has the ability to adapt to a multitude of various transportation infrastructures with virtually no major modifications needed. This is some amazing stuff that Bioroot has, and I believe they will help to make a major positive impact on this world. Way to go Bioroot!”

- Sam Green, Inventor, BS Mechanical Engineering

Brian Porter
“Jay Toups for president! Or at least head of the Department of Energy. Bioroot Energy is bringing forward a powerful, clean and very efficient transition fuel to help us use our waste to power our cars and also clean up the environment! No one has a fuel that is so flexible and capable of being made from so many sources of waste and pollution. No need to grow corn to make this fuel, it can be made from existing wastes, plant matter, and even the exhaust from coal-fired power plants. Its versatility is truly amazing and beneficial to the planet. I’ve never encountered a company with a better technology vision for the future. Please support Bioroot Energy and help spread the good word about this technological breakthrough!”

- Brian Porter

Judy Wilbanks
“This is long overdue. I’m in.”

- Judy Wilbanks

Jim Munro
“This has got to be the best way to re-gain large scale “manufacturing” in our country there is and keep our fuel money local. Made in the country where you live!”

- Jim Munro

Toby Liddle
“Wishing you all the best. Great idea.”

- Toby Liddle

Joel Marino

“It was R. Buckminster Fuller who said, ‘Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we’ve been ignorant of their value.’ Literally leveraging this overdue notion into prosperity for all is Bioroot Energy and higher mixed alcohol fuel! Read full endorsement

- Joel Mariano (aka Tzu de Nim), Artist & Eco Entrepreneur

Jay Foley
“From piles of garbage…our future will arise.”

- Jay Foley

Benjamin Voegele
“What? Worldwide spring-cleaning for decades or perhaps centuries! Sign me up!”

- Benjamin Voegele

Thomas Slabe
“I believe the work Bioroot Energy is doing is fundamental to the emergence of a better future for the earth and all living beings and all that are to be. We need a transition to higher mixed alcohols as soon as possible. A lot of people don’t realize that alcohols are the most common-sense fuel that’s available at present and for the foreseeable future. Please investigate it for yourself, but watch out for fossil fuel and petrochemical propaganda! The propaganda is designed to confuse and to elicit uncertainty. I am certain about the virtues of higher mixed alcohols because it is scientifically sound, unlike other potential forms of energy storage in liquid medium, such as compressed gasses and ethanol from commodity crops. If you wish to help improve life on earth then spread the word about higher mixed alcohols.”

- Thomas Slabe

Sharon Goodwyn
“I want this to happen in my hometown, my state, asap.”

- Sharon Goodwyn

Wendie Goetz
“In support, thank you!”

- Wendie Goetz

Dori Bon
“Plastics are choking our seas and pouring toxins into ground water, killing off aquatic and land animals. I am so happy conscious people are taking poisons and turning them into energy. This is truly revolutionary and I support this genius of an idea.”

- Dori Bon, Sustainable Agriculture Consultant

Christine Betzler's kitty cat
“We (all) need to think more cyclically about our lives. We are literally throwing out energy everyday, and destroying our environment in the process. I like things like polar bears, and winter, and fish and I want to do everything I can to protect and keep them around.”

- Christine Betzler

“I will support your endeavors in every way possible.”

- Mark Schimke

“Let me in on this bandwagon! Lane County, Oregon, Commissioners are on record as wanting to tax trash for economic development. Why not use the Short Mountain trash as economic investment, and energy to boot? Instead of wasting time trashing our environment and coddling dying industries, how about a fresh look at what can be done to revolutionize TWO enterprises. Right here in Lane itself!”

- Bruce Hinson

“With my whole heart and soul I offer whatever support I can bring to higher mixed alcohol fuel. It is one of the most appealing environmental and human concepts I have ever found, and I love the connection to Upcycle the Gyres. Thank you to those who have worked so long and hard to make this real; stay the course!”

- Gerry Wass, Teacher

“The Sustainable Civilization Institute works to alter the social fabric of our societies to indefinitely end the problems of war, poverty, tyranny, and other social blights.

Bioroot Energy and higher mixed alcohol fuel are doing this very same thing for the ecology of the planet, and their work will undoubtedly be a major contribution to a sustainable future for mankind to thrive in harmony with nature and abundant with clean energy. We look forward to following along in their journey and working with them in any way we can.”

- Sustainable Civilization Institute

“Having learned about higher mixed alcohol fuel, I realize for the first time that a viable solution to our oil and bio-waste pandemic has been discovered. Higher mixed alcohol fuel will revolutionize how we determine 21st century energy standards and emissions. There will be no turning back. It’s an honor to be a part of this monumental shift; higher mixed alcohol fuel is a true sign of our time!”

- Thayne Ulschmid

“As an Environmental Engineering student it is very refreshing to see people working to harmoniously unite the systems of waste and energy production. Higher mixed alcohol fuel holds promise to offer an alternative to future landfill and open dumping sitings, provide a means for movement towards sustainable energy alternatives and ultimately reshapes the social understanding of waste disposal and reuse. On behalf of the next generation of engineers, I would like to thank Bioroot Energy for understanding the importance of uncompromising environmental integrity. On behalf of humanity, I would like to thank Bioroot Energy for not giving up on us.”

- Stefan Dosch

“As president and founder of an ecological design firm I recognize meaningful innovation when I see it. Bioroot Energy holds much promise for practical, game-changing solutions to issues that currently threaten the stability of life on our planet. We whole heartedly endorse the mission of Bioroot Energy.”

- Craig Limpach, President, Genius Loci, Inc.

“It has to be the way of our energy future…”

- Timothy Collins

“Higher mixed alcohol fuel is an amazing product that’s almost too good to be true. But I’m so glad it’s genuine—and holds the key to a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
I’m grateful to a trusted friend who referred me here and has already commented. Had it not been for Dave Warren I may not have learned about higher mixed alcohol fuel. Sincere appreciation to the developers of this fine product that can accomplish so much and help protect our planet Earth hanging in a precarious balance now.”

- Diane H. Messer

“When I first encountered higher mixed alcohol fuel information posted by Bioroot Energy quite by accident while in a Facebook discussion, it seemed to fulfill so many of my out-sized expectations that I thought it was surely a hoax. How could so many of the serious problems of the hydrocarbon economies be met point for point with just one fuel? How could I get to the bottom of this? How can I ask the “CEO” the hard questions that I was not even sure I knew I was qualified to ask? Well, we both were trying to talk sense into the climate extremist on the hunger fast and then the “CEO” asked me some questions about strategy and what not and so I asked him what his angle was to make inroads into the denialist’s lock on propaganda science as far as climate change went and he didn’t say much at first – but just sent me the link on Bioroot Energy. Read full endorsement

- Dave Warren, full time climate activist, blogger, and former marine biologist

“What Bioroot Energy is doing with higher mixed alcohol fuel is immensely beneficial to humanity, the environment and the universe; More than anyone can comprehend at the present moment.”

- Alessandra Almanza Hayek

“We must find the energy and courage to do something heroic and not lose the beauty we still have with us before it is lost. Doing nothing is failure. What legacy are we leaving our children if we don’t make the changes needed to progress? Progress comes from opening up to new ideas and new ways of living. If we continue to be a society with a ‘disposable’ attitude, and live within the microcosm of ‘me,’ ‘my comfort,’ ‘my paradigm,’ ‘fear of change,’ ‘fear of something new,’ then we will continue to destroy all that is pure and beautiful, filling our landfills, ruining the oceans, polluting, destroying all that has come before us and all that might have been. It is a moral for life. So, then we must try and find some way to turn it around.
I support this effort. Clean energy will save this beautiful Earth and bless the generations to come because the cleaning up of this Earth by using clean energy will also extend into the cleaning up of many political power games, a bonus! Freedom is precious you know. We await it. Let us not fear the change…for change can be purifying. Let’s give up our old ways and try something ‘green and fresh.’ Let’s do something ‘different’ because the old ways just didn’t work like it was thought they would. The old way of life is just a ‘smoke screen’ so to speak…”

- Beverly Wilhelm

“We knew about 50 mpg carburetors back in 1979 and began to understand the power of “big oil.” I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to be able to BRING IT. I’m putting my buck in.”

- Laurie Rando,

“I’d like to know more about higher mixed alcohol fuel. Cleaner, healthier environment – and sustainable! Great!”

- Deena Brazy

“This will change our world. Save our freedoms and free our children from the plight of fossil fuels! The Middle East can kiss us goodbye.”

- Frank Landrum

“This only makes sense, make our trash work for us. A sustainable fuel that gets us off of oil dependence. Good for the planet and good for us, too!”

- Katherine Morgan

“Having been a Nurse for over 30 yrs has provided an incredible opportunity to witness firsthand what the state of humanity has succumbed to. Working in Emergency Room settings for 22 of those 30 years has opened my eyes and heart to what we are doing to our planet and where we’re headed if we don’t clean up mankind’s energy act. Being in the ER is like being on the front lines of a battlefield. Our biggest enemy? Ourselves! Driven in no small part by our fossil energy consumption, which is at the top of the matrix of the algorithm for self destruction. Read full endorsement

- Janice Palmer LVN III, CCE, Emergency Room Nurse, Mother

“Finally, FINALLY, a solution to the energy crisis that makes so much sense that it defies reason why more people aren’t jumping on the bandwagon. Think about it: the problem of mounting wastes in landfills: solved. The problem of sustainable fuels: solved. The problem of dependence on foreign oil and the struggle over whether or not to drill on public lands: solved. The problem of air pollution caused by automobile emissions: solved. This is an idea that merits careful consideration by investors and environmentalists. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to leave a cleaner world with a plentiful supply of inexpensive, plentiful fuel as a legacy to our children?”

- Debbie Moore, Mother, Teacher

“This is a NO BRAINER, trash to clean fuel… Let’s do this thing!”

- Kirk Widmayer

“As an ex-Pat who lives in Germany, where renewable energy is a ever growing reality, I can only say to my “fellow Americans” that we really need to get going quickly if we want to save the planet. Support Bioroot Energy!”

- Paul Stowe, Father, Musician

“Nothing could be more exciting than renewable energy since it is crucial to human development. There is the potential to provide clean energy to a few billion households since at this time over 200 million households currently use renewable energy, and it is commonly known that renewable energy has the ability to lift the poorest nations to new levels of prosperity.Climate change concerns, coupled with high oil prices, peak oil, and increasing government support, should now be driving increasing renewable energy commercialization. We should all be doing our part to support the production of a cleaner source of fuel in the world…”

- Chrissey Rutkowski, Infamous Gal Friday

“My endorsement of Bioroot Energy and higher mixed alcohol fuel is centered around the benefits to municipalities that will produce it. When cities bring clean fuel to the local level its citizens can begin a transition into sustainability with a real world, long term fuel solution. Furthermore, we begin to tear down the Corporate Energy Monolith: an entity that seeks only to profit, and cares nothing about our children’s future. You need only look at their practices in lesser developed countries to see the future of ours. Energy and fuel is a global problem, higher mixed alcohol fuel is a global solution.”

- Monica Toups, Domestic Engineer, Amelia Island, Florida

“An ideal alternative fuel solution. Some things are too good to be true, this one is NOT one of them.”

- Jodi Wagstaff-Toups, Nurse, Mother, Green Cove Springs, Florida

“Bioroot Energy’s higher mixed alcohol fuel can’t come soon enough! I appreciate your commitment to clean fuel and will share your efforts with friends and business associates in my community. Thanks!”

- Lou Bahin, CMO, ePublishing, Inc., Missoula MT

“Sustainability isn’t a future need – it’s today. We need more trash talk in our energy policy. I support Bioroot Energy because it is making change happen now..”

- Reilly Morse, Attorney, father, painter, environmentalist

“I think it’s really cool what you guys are doing! Every day I see a post about this and I love reading up on it! Good to know someone is working toward cleaner fuel for us and the generations to come!”

- Melanie French, mother of Charlotte Elizabeth “Charley” French

Jim Phipps

“We appreciate very much the projects going forth for higher mixed alcohol fuel. As Congressional Lobbyists for The Audubon Society of The United States, we recognize the need for clean, sustainable and renewable energy resources and support the efforts of Bioroot Energy, and look forward to an exciting future with this technology.”

- Jim and Anne Phipps, Congressional Lobbyists, Audubon Society

“Higher mixed alcohol fuel makes good sense. This will certainly get our planet closer in balance than mining and burning more fossil fuels. Clearly our planet needs help if we have any hope in saving our communities and the future for our children. I encourage those in government to hold their heads up high and not shy away from doing the right thing. Much thanks to you Jay and all those at Bioroot Energy. Your efforts give me hope for a truly brighter future!”

- Jenn Adams, Musician

“Having studied energy economics and having worked in resource and energy efficiency, I recognize that higher mixed alcohol fuel promises many of the features of an ideal fuel; one that converts ‘wastes’ to resources, one that does not drastically alter geochemical cycles, one that effectively addresses the present challenge of unbalanced carbon cycling, one that can be phased in without fiscal shock (utilizing highly available and infrastructure-supported fossil fuel feedstocks even as it helps bring about their increasing irrelevance), one that plugs into existing fuel distribution infrastructure, one without toxic byproducts and overwhelming externalized costs, one that can efficiently utilize biomass without threatening to pick the land clean, and one that improves regional, national and global security by creating locally and regionally distributed fuel production.”

- Rod Miner, Founder, Lightfoot Cycles
Lightfoot Cycles

“The solution Bioroot Energy is offering is exciting and has the potential to help save our world. Tons of waste are being thrown away every day, polluting our environment and slowly destroying our beautiful planet. Not just getting rid of this trash but turning it into a highly efficient energy source is very appealing. We need to make an ethical choice considering long-term sustainability. Bioroot Energy is offering a great alternative also to growing crops specifically for fuels which is for one not very efficient and only leading to more starvation on this earth.Thanks, Jay, for your vision and determination to make this work for all of us.”

- Gabriele Daurer, Clinical Expert, Test Engineer, Mother, Grandmother

“Bioroot Energy is a solution that makes the best kind of sense – independence from dirty energy, sustainable energy derived from a wide variety of source material and not tied to non-domestic supply. The development of alcohol fuels will be a revolution in the best sense of the word – a move toward sustainability and a commitment to ecological responsibility. Its time is coming, and none too soon. In twenty years time I think this concept will be viewed as the turning point in America’s quest for alternative energy.”

- T.R. Ritchie, Musician

“I’d like to thank Bioroot Energy and Jay Toups for doing a lot of thinking and planning for the rest of the planet. We need more people like Jay. And more forward-thinking ideas like Bioroot.And if you haven’t seen the movie “Gas Hole” (thank you, see it. It will change how you see the energy crisis.Thank you Jay.”

- Cosy Sheridan, Musician

“Recycling carbon—any carbon—into clean energy that replaces gasoline and ends our dependence on foreign oil. That’s the promise of higher mixed alcohol fuel. Actually, it gets better, because nobody needs to build out huge global, multi-national, toxin-producing infrastructure. Higher mixed alcohol fuel can be produced on a local level—at the city dump, from a nearby methane well, from dead bark-beetle-infested timber—even from solid human waste. Literally any carbon source will do.You don’t have to get subsidized and lay waste to the soil so you grow a crop that takes more energy to produce than it actually provides, as is the case with ethanol. With higher mixed alcohol fuel, what you get is clean-burning, high-octane fuel that readily mixes with gasoline, or can go straight, unadulterated, right into gas tanks everywhere and run virtually emission-free. It’s time for us humans to break through the cynicism and the “can’t do” spirit, and get on with it. And if anyone has the vision, integrity, intelligence and drive to make this happen, it’s Jay Toups.”

- John Howard Sherman, Principal, Ford Sherman, Inc.

Jon Turk

“If human beings are going to pass a healthy and hospitable planet to our children and grandchildren, we need to base our civilization on new technologies and at the same time, we need to nurture a spiritual and emotional connectivity with nature. As a scientist and a writer, I endorse Bioroot Energy for its promise to convert all types of waste and non-crop biomass streams into useful, clean-energy biofuels, thereby contributing to the new sustainable social and technological paradigm that offers so much hope and promise.”

- Jon Turk, Scientist, Writer, Adventurer

“Imagine a world where everything you use never really disappears, it is neither created nor destroyed, it only changes form. Imagine energy from trash. Energy from non-crop biomass. Real deal, no more catch phrases, renewable energy, made from any type of carbon—whether it be your worn-out tires, your worn-down tennis shoes, or even the ‘unmentionables’ that run down your plumbing pipes.Bioroot Energy is addressing deep concerns over energy (how do we reduce dependence on foreign oil), the economy (jobs, products, businesses), and the environment (pollution and climate change), and along the way providing we the people with a remarkable opportunity to assert control over our own actions, lives, and our future. Personal responsibility in this regard is nothing short of invigorating.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m comforted knowing I’m not the only one. Way to go Bioroot!”

- David Boone, Singer Songwriter

“This solution is long overdue. I support Bioroot Energy in its endeavors to make our world a more sustainable, solution-oriented place for all, starting with folks living in the Bitterroot valley. My long-term hope is that they will set a model for Salt Lake City, and ultimately for the country and world to follow.”

Sandy Kerman, Owner, Kerman Design, Inc.

“At Florida Alliance for Clean Energy, we are wholeheartedly supporting this effort in every way possible. We are extremely excited that this effort not only addresses our nation’s need for a clean, renewable liquid fuel, but also tackles the growing problem of what to do with our household waste and other materials that are filling our landfills at an alarming rate. We look forward to being the tip of the spear when higher mixed alcohol fuel takes Florida by storm!”

John Toups, Founder & CEO, Florida Alliance for Clean Energy

“Imagine…a world where the population is stable and humans are in an ecological balance with all living beings, and the energy source that is Sol is perpetually recycled in ways that support the balance of life.”

- Terry Huff, Artist & Teacher

“I have been involved with the push to change energy usage to renewable sources for many years. There are so many great ideas, and companies. This is an American start-up company and needs support. This is because it is not like any other, as the company can produce a liquid fuel based on using what we have already used (trash) and can reconfigure these “waste” carbons into a liquid fuel based on any carbon used and not thrown away and forgotten, but reused forever.Please see the link at, and higher mixed alcohol fuel links to get more information. Think about donating $1.00 or more for your time of reading, and get the people you share this information with to do the same. Then the company may get off the ground, and get our, and your, dependence on big oil to be something of the past.

Love your Mother, love each other and love your garbage into this great process of making liquid fuel out of it!”

- Aarn Rothey, father of Lillian and Quinlan Rothey

Like the fuel? Like the awesome potential? Want to help? Add your name and a sentence or two in support of this game-changing renewable fuel effort. It’s useful, and it’s deeply appreciated! Leave a comment above or email it to Thanks!

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69 comments to People Power

  • Rafed Al Iraqi

    Rafed Al Iraqi

    There is no problem, only God is angry because He created humans but He does not see any humanity.

    – Rafed Aliraqi

  • Erin Reynolds

    So glad to hear about this option, and hope it can be put out on a large scale!

    – Erin Reynolds

  • Heather Barrett

    This is one of those “It’s too good to be true” type things, but it IS TRUE! This fuel is the answer to our over consumption of fossil fuels, and you can build a “refinery” plant in every community, near its landfill. It serves the purpose of dealing with landfill problems, fossil fuel over-consumption, and pollution, as it does not create pollution to make Envirolene, and you can use any carbon-based resource to produce it, including garbage. The by product is distilled clean water, which could be of benefit to areas suffering from drought here in the US. This product is the answer to so many of our problems.

    – Heather Barrett

  • Joanna Spinoza

    Joanna Spinoza

    This could be the solution to massive landfills, biomass usefulness, and clean biodegradable fuel energy.

    – Joanna Spinoza

  • William Bruce Eden

    William Bruce Eden

    What is not to like about this product? The process is a win for all of mankind. The sooner we can make this happen the better.

    – William Bruce Eden, concerned American

  • Jean Fugal

    Jean Fugal

    I am not a scientist, nor do I need to be, to understand that if we don’t do something, and quickly, it will be too late to do anything at all. I support Jay and Bioroot Energy in the effort to develop new and creative solutions to the crisis facing us.

    While I don’t pretend to understand the process, I have determined over the past 20 years I have known Jay in the musical circles, he is sincere in his wish to be of service to the good of the environment.

    Press on Jay and Company, make us all proud that we know you.

    – Jean Fugal, Guitar Picker and concerned American

  • Robert Cantonwine

    As a human who cares about the future health and well-being of our planet, I must endorse the vision and efforts of Bioroot Energy. To me, it just makes sense to create solutions such as Envirolene that promise and give me hope for a cleaner burning fuel that is made from stuff I’m already throwing away. And… with the hope of eliminating our dependence on non-domestic sources. In so many ways, it’s a no-brainer! I do this for my grandchildren and theirs. Thanks to Jay Toups and his colleagues for amazing vision!

    – Robert Cantonwine

  • Antoinette Miller

    It is way past time to stop using dirty fossil fuels, polluting our environment, damaging our health and slowly but surely destroying our planet. I want to know the future will be better for our children and our childrens’ children. I do not want to leave them with this horrible fossil-fuel mess.

    Thank you, Bioroot Energy, for giving us hope. We all need it.

    Antoinette Miller

  • Alexandria L. Hensley DeAtley

    As wife of a career military man, as the mother of a spectacular toddler and as a granddaughter of the Appalachian coal mined foothills, I have a deeply vested interest in getting away from war creating foreign oil and onto what will help ensure that my child inherits a planet worthy of her potential. After months of researching renewable energy study programs, I came across Jay and Envirolene. This find has been the answer to a lot of my prayers and is very exciting to me. Envirolene is clean fuel that doesn’t compete with the food supply and can be made anywhere, from ANY carbon! Those concerned about the energy and economic crisis who want to be part of a better tomorrow need look no further than this amazing game changer. My goal is that by the time my child starts school, the history books will be telling the tale, right alongside that of Henry Ford and other great minds, of the Envirolene guys who have quite honestly gift-wrapped a huge step towards our planet’s salvation and are now patiently waiting for the rest of the world to ‘get in the know’ and act on its own behalf.

    This movement will stand out in history for our time period as how we finally turned the page and saved ourselves from ourselves. The choice is still ours, right before us, completely within our reach, completely necessary for the longevity of our species and way of life. We can not control wall street or our government with threats and riots. We can only control ourselves: What we spend our money on, what we allow to entertain and influence us, what we care enough to physically manifest with our own hands.

    I for one will grab hold of these alternative options and fully embrace them. I’m talking windmill in the yard, solar panels on the roof, hybrid flex fuel ride, back yard veggie garden, rain barrels on the gutters to water plants, etc, all the way! Because that’s what a tomorrow with living, breathing, healthy, non-zombied inhabitants looks like. Do we choose a slow suicide or a lifeline for ourselves and our children? I choose to BE the solution. ;)

    – Alexandria Hensley DeAtley and Family

  • Stacy Philbrick

    As a third generation logger’s daughter I witnessed the major decrease in western logging in the mid-late eighties and early nineties. Now, almost two decades later, I am witnessing the devastation of the dendroctonus bark beetles which have infested our forests, leaving millions upon millions of standing dead trees.

    What do we do for our forests now? We need to salvage damaged timber by logging responsibly, which would create jobs and help reduce fuels for wildfires. We need to turn these damaged trees into a clean burning, liquid energy, Envirolene. I see Bioroot Energy as an important and greatly needed economic boost locally and for other areas. Not only would it be helping clean up the forests and eliminate fire danger, BE would create jobs and affordable CLEAN energy!

    With the costs of fuel in the U.S. rising yet again, when are people going to realize the possibilities on our own soil and help this innovative technology come to fruition? Envirolene is a good solution to many economic and environmental problems of today and for the future in countless ways. Common sense would point to Bioroot Energy/Envirolene and support it for all it is worth.

    – Stacy Philbrick

  • Dr. Itil Asmon

    “I have some credentials in preparing feasibility studies and private-sector business plans, having spent 40 years preparing feasibility studies and business plans on behalf of the World Bank, USAID, Asian Development Bank, etc. etc. This included designing and starting up a $135 million project in Egypt (1979-80), managing a World Bank $35 million project in Madagascar (1985-86), doing a business plan for a sawmill in Vologda, Russia in 1996 (among many other business plans for international companies), and managing one of the first environmental projects in Afghanistan (2008-09). 

    I have reviewed with great interest the plans of Bioroot Energy LLC for building a higher mixed alcohol plant in western Montana. The documentation of Bioroot Energy LLC and Standard Alcohol Company of America’s “Envirolene” product is more than persuasive. The statistics in the “Envirolene” business plan speak for themselves. I can recommend without reservation implementation of this project as quickly as possible.

    I am impressed that the patented process can convert garbage and other waste into clean and useful fuel. And it is refreshing to know that this process will solve many environmental and economic problems without creating others. Not least of its benefits would be the thinning of overgrown or beetle-killed forests. Having lived recently near the scene of a major forest fire, and reading almost daily of forest fires all over the world from Montana to Australia and to Chile, I find any initiative which would diminish forest fires in a profitable manner highly welcome.

    Likewise converting a city’s trash to clean fuel with such obvious potential will yield many environmental and ecological benefits, not to mention economic benefits of creating jobs and new opportunities for communities around the world. Thus, I support this initiative completely. I hope that Bioroot Energy can establish an industrial-scale production plant, so that it can be a model for clean and profitable energy generation all over the world, and establish the US leadership in this important area.”

    Dr. Itil Asmon, Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1970

  • Cliff Fairchild

    “Gas will soon be $4.00 a gallon. Unrest ongoing in the Middle East. Climate change is here to stay. We better get our fossil energy problems fixed soon. I applaud and respect Bioroot Energy’s efforts to better our communities and our Earth.

    Now is the time for all to reflect and begin to change the way we use energy and what kinds of energy we use. And Envirolene is the right clean, renewable fuel. I’m no scientist, but even this blind squirrel can see what is happening to our climate and Earth. Conservation and Envirolene are two things we can do now.

    I hope others will read this website carefully and leave similar endorsements. I also hope those with the means will donate or invest in this awesome venture to help save our Earth.

    The picture I chose speaks volumes of what is at risk and what our grandchildren will miss if we don’t change our ways soon.”

    Peace and Blessings,

    - Cliff Fairchild

  • Terri Bely

    Wonderful work Jay. I admire your dedication for the improvement of our environment. There are not enough of us like you.

  • Megan Champion

    This sounds like a great idea, we should all be actively supporting alternate sources of energy.

  • Laura Lee

    Awesome concept! Definitely the way of the future!

  • What a joy to find such clear thinking.

  • Jeri Woodruff

    This is a wonderful idea. How do we help? How do we become more involved. There is a pig farm in town, use that stinky poo to drive!

  • This concept must be taken seriously and carried through to enable a positive change in dealing with our ever more polluted planet. The President voted for CHANGE, so it’s time for all of us to wake up and take steps to do just that.

    Trev Morriss

  • Thank you, we need this in our towns and cities! Kudos to a simply perfect solution. I’m in. How can I bring this to my area of NJ?

  • John Godfrey Schellinger

    Trash is the nemesis to so-called ‘progress’ in the modern fast-paced throw-away conspicuous-consumption planned-obsolescence oriented mega-societies of this overly-civilized planet. I feel strongly that with a technological breakthrough such as Bioroot Energy’s E4™ ENVIROLENE® already with us…well, it is a ‘no-brainer’ to introduce it to as many countries and their leaders on this precious blue-green jewel of Earth we call home as possible, as soon as possible.

    John Godfrey Schellinger

    Artist, photographer, ecological and social activist (currently living in “economic exile” in Central America in Panama; yet living quite comfortably on very little income in what has been labeled as the ‘3rd world’ below what would be considered in the northern hemisphere as “below poverty level”).

  • Michelle Wilson

    What better way to get rid of waste than to turn it into clean energy. Disposing of garden and landscaping refuse is difficult to do without paying high disposal costs, and where does it probably go but to landfills. Turning it into clean fuel sounds good to me.

    Michelle Wilson
    Solace Gardens & Landscape Design
    Hamilton, Montana

  • Kermit Hale

    Waste has long been a growing problem, and I have never felt good about the landfills being their resting place; where it just sits and does no one any good. Our waste has the potential to get out of hand, for a lot of it is thrown away every day. I applaud and support Bioroot Energy’s efforts to curb this potential disaster while at the same time pioneering ahead with alternative fuel choices.

  • Sarah S.

    As one who has a background in both the geologic and atmospheric sciences, I support Bioroot Energy. While the amount of oil in world reserves is still up for debate, its effects on our planet’s atmosphere and ecosystems are not. In light of that, Bioroot Energy (and E4 Envirolene in general) would be either a great substitute for or a great addition to our fuel needs, reducing our overall dependence on fossil fuels. Given the fact that it utilizes our current waste materials instead of requiring crops to be grown specifically for fuels, it would also be an ethical choice.

  • Randy Cook

    I hope Bioroot Energy develops into a blockbuster business and that your first project happens here in the Bitterroot. It’s one of the best ideas I’ve heard in 33 years of living here, and I’ve heard my share. Timely too. Just because it’s never been done doesn’t mean it won’t. Somebody will find the right stuff to solve problems related to energy, economy and the environment. It’s just a matter of time and I hope it’s your company. Keep doing what you’re doing. I think people are beyond ready to support what you describe if it’s as good as advertised.

    Good luck and God speed!

  • Heather Carey

    It is about time that we look at finding another solution and using our waste to generate energy is a sustainable solution that makes sense. Bioroot is on the right track by minimizing our dependence on the resources of other countries, while helping protect the environment. Thank you for helping to make our world a better place!

  • Patrice

    We have found an idea that will only help us help ourselves. With all the talk of going green this will bring action instead of words. Our environment is in jeopardy and we have used a vast majority of our resources without thought for the future. The time is now and Bioroot Energy has a plan that can be executed. It is not enough to endorse this plan, we have to support it, and practice green behavior, recycle, reuse, etc. In the last few years I have become increasingly aware of the earth’s plight and hope that the powers that be will see that this is the future. We need this.

  • Nina Maclean

    Bioroot’s effort to produce energy from our waste is crucial. We cannot afford the environmental destruction of burying our waste or sending it into the air, streams, and oceans. Our energy comes with an enormous environmental price tag. Combining these two critical problems to create a solution is imperative. Bioroot is stepping up to the challenge.

  • Bridget O’Connell

    Bioroot’s attempt to convert waste products into energy is exactly the type of solution we need for our current global crisis. Not only would it help reduce U.S dependence on other countries for resources, it also has the potential to create jobs, healthier living conditions, and strengthen our ecosystem. With this type of forward movement we might be able to breath cleaner air than our parents did!

  • Sally Roberts

    I am not a scientist, but this makes more sense than any alternative energy resource I have heard of. I am also from the Mississippi gulf coast, so in light of the devastating oil spill, something needs to be done. We as a country need to manage this energy crisis, or it could be the downfall of our great nation!

  • Gaspard Dubs

    Bioroot Energy needs OUR help. Please, spread the word, share the website, and keep the story and momentum alive. This is too important to make half-hearted promises to change. Every change begins with one simple movement. Make yours today. If you are from Montana, contact your congressman or representative to let them know that YOU support this effort. If you are from elsewhere, no matter, as this pertains to you as well. This technology scales to every community, large or small. Send your representative or congressman a link to BIOROOT ENERGY.

  • Brad Warren

    This sure sounds good to me! Getting something usable from waste? Sounds like an idea long overdue. The possibility of local benefit too is awesome, and at the same time an example to the rest of the country. Go Bioroot!

  • Brian Turnquist

    As a forester interested in the use of biomass to help offset the use of fossil fuels in our energy dependent and consumption happy society, I see the use of mixed alcohol fuel additives produced by waste material, garbage, switchgrass, forest biomass (maybe even some spotted knapweed and leafy spurge) to be not only beneficial, but obvious in all regards. We’ve reached a point in our civilization where we need to get creative, and thinking in terms of the entire cycle is a requirement. The ideas and projects discussed on this informative website are crucial to a change in the public perceptions of our relationship to the environment.

    Let me know how I can help.

  • Marcy McNamara

    Unfortunately science is by nature a wasteful enterprise. Daily I throw away plastic pipette tips, packaging, and used glass vials. I try to compensate by living as green a life as possible, and that includes supporting renewable resources and just plain great ideas. Oil is Dead, and we’re killing ourselves by living in a world that so desperately depends on it. Kudos to you all for doing the great things you do to make this world a more livable place.

  • Rachel Cutler

    Dare we shrink from so great a cause? Anyone who thinks that this energy source isn’t worth pursuing, is lying to themself. It would be like creating an energy equilibrium. I only wish that a few simple words posted as an endorsement could adequately convey the energy of my desire for this change.

  • Fritzi Presley

    I live on the Mississippi Coast. As the hemorrhage grew in the Gulf during the early days, I began investigating alternative fuels. I stumbled upon Bioroot Energy. This is assuredly the most practical, abundant and efficient means to replace dirty energy and remove ourselves from the stranglehold of foreign entities, that I have found. Solutions…waste reduction…check! Producing a clean-burning alternative energy…check! In the vein of keeping it simple, I can find no downside to this technology. I vote YES!

  • Lin Ostler

    On the very FIRST EARTH Day, 1970, I read a book to my classes called “NOWHERE IS AWAY,” meaning we can’t really throw anything away. We began conserving, recycling and honoring the earth then. O that we had done a better job of spreading the consciousness then.

  • Tricia Faggioli

    We obviously need to do something more. The longer we wait to put solutions to oil dependency in place, the more damage we do. It makes perfect sense to use something that we will always have—waste! This proposal appears to be feasible and sound. Why not try to implement it on a greater scale?

    Tricia Faggioli

  • This sounds like an absolutely incredible idea. Working in conjunction with cleaning out some beetle kill in our forests could be incredibly beneficial. It is long overdue. In Colorado they can’t use the wood, so the Forest Service just burns the excess lumber. This is a much more productive method, and could solve some serious problems. Incredibly inspiring.

    -Brian Fauver

  • This seems like an idea for a very positive industry to sprout in our region. Creating power from waste sources is something that other countries have been doing for a while now, and Bioroot can be a first-of-a-kind effort right here in Montana.

  • Dr. E. William Schweiger

    Great idea. Make it happen. Clean fuel and high octane? Satisfies my inner race car driver and my environmental ethic – awesome!

  • Carla H. Eskelsen

    The solution Bioroot is offering us is staggering in its scope and potential. In the midst of all the hue and cry about the tragic BP spill, there is this bright and shining possibility: that we can, in one technology, reduce our need for foreign- or our own- oil, reduce our post-consumer waste, our household waste, our forest and other industrial wastes, and have a clean, water-soluble, mixed alcohol fuel alternative that has a small footprint, both in production and in use.

    This technology has the potential to save the world.

    My hope is that people will pause in their angry clamor long enough to take heart and take hold.

    Please listen to what Bioroot has to offer, be brave enough to ponder and believe that it’s not impossible and it’s not too late to save our world, and our future.

    Thank you.

  • suzan greenfield

    Excellent plan — transforming trash to treasure. Thank you for your energy.

  • Jeanie Valentine

    Bioroot Energy is a look into the big picture of our future. A means of saving the planet, our only home. There presently are barges floating the oceans loaded with garbage, there are mountains of refuse stacked up in 3rd world countries, there are acres of trash that Western countries have left in foreign countries to deal with. There is a beach in beautiful Hawaii, because of it’s location and trade winds, that collects a variety of garbage. The birds and fish have been found dead there because they have swallowed plastic bags, etc. Our landfills are filling continuously. Our oceans are being used as dumping grounds.

    It’s time to find alternative means of disposal. Bioroot Energy has my vote. Let’s look at this far reaching ideal of turning garbage into fuel and solve some of our recycling and oil spill pollution problems. The fuel could be made all over the country and would be a great asset during times of war. If the whole idea was taken farther, with the help of scientists and visionaries, the possibilities abound in our favor.

    Jeanie Valentine

  • Sustainability is the name of the game, as those of us will tell you who are glancing across the horizon of the Mississippi Sound for the arrival of the BP oil eruption. Go Jay!

  • Dee Turner

    Finally! Someone has come up with a workable plan to not only clean up the planet a little bit but actually fuel our dependance on the ‘traps’ of the 21st century with the things that pollute her! Now, THIS is change we should endorse!

  • Nancy Jarvis

    I whole-heartedly support Jay and Bioroot Energy’s solutions to helping us all get back to a balanced, sane, recycled and sustainable relationship to our planet. They offer an energy choice for conscious, respectful use of this Planet’s finite resources. Go Jay, and Thank You! May we all be listening and take action.

  • Randy Greer

    I implore all legislative representatives to support the efforts of entities such as Bioroot to revolutionize the production and use of clean, sustainable, energy sources. It is our ongoing collective responsibility to acknowledge the foolish fouling of the nest, and moreover, it is your individual leadership and policy positions that ultimately effect the required changes.

    Randy Greer
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • Marcie Holt

    Cleaner fuel, cleaner air, cleaner planet = Our responsibility to care for our planet. This world has sustained the human race until now and it’s our responsibility to return the favor. Changing our methods of energy production, altering our minds towards future beauty and sustainability for those who follow us, everyday the beauty on this planet needs to be preserved.

  • Daniel Flaum

    I fully endorse and welcome this energetic and forward way of thinking and acting that is long overdue. We are drowning in our own swill, and by turning our wastes into clean fuel instead, it can create incomes, a life-giving environment for us and our future generations, and a most positive, sustainable way to interact with each other and our planet.

  • Nancy Pearce

    This is amazing, recycling garbage and making fuel! No destruction of natural resources in the process. Bioroot Energy can reduce dependency on foreign oil and stimulate our economy. Sounds like the solution to our current problems. Maybe our children will have a chance!

  • Drayton Toups

    I whole-heartedly endorse Bioroot Energy and their commitment to driving change at the local level, using local resourses, with local beneficial impacts to both the Economy and Environment. There is NOTHING DIFFICULT standing in the way of this real change. All that is required is Money and Momentum. Money not only for key components of the process, but also to sustain the individuals that are driving this change, now fed only from the deep rooted belief that this can, and will, happen. Momentum..with just a little nudge, the ball will get rolling in a local sense, and it can, and will, have a huge impact to our ability to sustain the American way of life, maybe not as it currently exists, but as it can exist. Independent, in every sense of the word, with energy independence not the least among them.

  • Our children will see a much better world if we just take this path. In the last century we have almost destroyed our Earth. A mere 100 years (Industrial Age)…… We have to change. Otherwise, our children will not HAVE a future.

    The Great Spirit is in all things. He is our Father. But the Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us… It is time we show her the respect she deserves. Otherwise, she simply won’t last…

    Bioroot Energy has a viable plan to reduce pollution as well as our dependence on fossil fuels. The mega tons of garbage that every metropolitan area in the country produces EVERY DAY could be not only reduced, but converted into fuel. Imagine, less garbage, less pollution, less national debt (the purchase of foreign oil)… Now, let’s actually TRY it…

  • Mary Warren

    This is an incredible idea whose time has come. Not only will it be a positive thing for the Bitterroot valley but the effects and possibilities will be long reaching. With the economy as it is, we need to be supporting homegrown solutions to our problems and this is one way to do it. I think we have all talked enough about reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Well, it is time to stop the talk and ACT!

  • Leandro Della Piana

    Just getting rid of the trash is appealing but to turn it into an energy source is a revolutionary alternative to destroying life on earth.

  • Jim Putnam

    We cannot keep mortgaging our descendants’ future by using up all of the petrochemicals for energy. It seems to appeal to common sense that viable alternative energy sources are in our future. Eco-friendly avenues are the highway to the future.

  • Patrice Schultz

    This is a no brainer. Why would we not want to be behind this 150%? This is a solution to the problems we have created. We have the means, and now we need the funds. Just say yes for us for our children and grandchildren.

  • Jeff Pimental

    This technology is needed here and now. Any reasonably clean and efficient process which can convert waste into something useable, particularly fuel, is one worth pursuing with fervor and resolve.

  • Laurie Toups

    Bioroot Energy has it right! Our trash is bigger than all of us could ever imagine, let’s put it to work and towards a necessary cause! Thanks!

  • Bioroot’s vision for taking waste and turning it into fuel is simply a solution whose time has come. No need to look past our own waste for “alternative energy” as it is right there for the taking. Their vision addresses two fundamental problems, fuel sourcing and excess waste – a classic win-win for everyone … not to mention the positive economic multiplier effect. Make it happen Bioroot Energy!

  • Charlene House

    WAKE UP AMERICA! Think of what we can gain by using our garbage for fuel. And what a great way to start here in the Bitterroot. It will help us with jobs, getting rid of our garbage, and cleaning up our evironment.

  • katrina ruhmland

    this is awesome jay! your passion for an INTELLIGENT way to live is irresistible! teach, teach, teach….get out there!! you HAVE support!

    katrina ruhmland
    life skills teacher

  • Maggie

    Sounds like a great idea and is worth putting the time and effort it to developing it into practice.

  • terry ruggles

    This a great thing – whose time has come! And right now we all need to be a part of the solution or we are the problem! So, send a link to the website to all your friends and create awareness and energy. Can anybody out there do bumper stickers? I would buy one and put it on my car – let us keep this thing GROWING and Happening!

  • Michelle Nilson

    I am very excited to see that this idea has so much potential for our future here on the planet. We are all worried about what will happen when our children and our children’s children grow up and what kind of planet they will have to live on. Will we wait until it is too late to do anything to save our planet? My hope is that this idea will receive the support and the forward momentum it needs to become reality.

    Just think…. we could turn our trash into a true treasure if this idea receives the backing and support it needs. WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR…….

  • steve ruggles

    Glad to see someone pushing an idea/product that will actually work and be feasible!!! Thanks. Its a win, win, win deal. Lets get behind this NOW, before its too late for our planet and all who live on it.Send your support in any form, verbal, monetary, etc. That’s what they need to get this project up and running. Lets go people, wake up, get out of your easy chairs, put down that remote, c’mon!!!

  • Richard Pascale

    As an employee of a very large industrial complex who regularly creates an impressive amount of waste. I have paid close attention to the ideas and discussions held throughout this and other sites. These are not just pipe dreams of an obnoxious tree hugger in cyberspace these are actual sustainable ideas for ours and our children’s future. What does your community do with your garbage? Your sewage?

    Look close the solution may well be right before your eyes.

  • Can you believe it? Yes. These guys have found a key solution to meeting our world’s energy needs, and it is one that will change the way the world handles its waste. Talk about win win. It refreshes my hope for the world’s future to know that there are men and women who care enough to take the risks involved for the rest of us to have a chance to evolve. Go for it, and thank you.

    Paul Boruff

  • Sonny LaSalle

    The use of domestic waste and excess biomass from the forested areas in our Valley to make a clean burning fuel makes more sense than any proposal I have seen to date. No proponent has indicated they could actually pay a fair price for delivered woody biomass until SACA [Standard Alcohol Company of America] came along. I hope Mark and Jay are successful as this could be the answer to so many of our problems, economic and environmental as well. I offer my assistance in any way I can help. Thanks for all your perseverance.

    Sonny LaSalle

  • Mark Snider

    There are few positive things happening in this country or in fact, the world, that are worth getting excited about. However, Bioroot Energy’s vision to make the Bitterroot valley a haven for dramatic advancements in the economy, recycling, waste management, as well as climate change and pollution reduction, have changed that trend.

    Thank you for putting together a very informative meeting with Standard Alcohol Company’s Mark Radosevich and his wife Gerri. Their patented process of taking garbage such as tires, forest waste, household trash, sewage and other unwanted biomass of all types and making a marketable fuel is just short of a miracle.

    Funding this new venture is critical so Montana cannot only recover from this economic downturn but also help reduce foreign oil dependency, reduce pollutants, and at the same time make money.

    The website is very informative and encouraging. Please let me know how I can help.

    Mark Snider
    Owner, Blind Ideas

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