Clean Fuels at a Glance

  • • Higher Mixed Alcohols
  • • Methanol
  • • Grain Ethanol
  • • Cellulosic Ethanol
  • • Synthetic Ethanol
  • • Biodiesel
  • • Butanol
  • • Dimethyl Ether (DME)
Synthetic gasoline? Syndiesel from coal? Oil-based fuels from algae, grasses or waste grease? Single alcohols like ethanol? What about higher mixed alcohol fuel?

Which fuel is the best and why?

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Fuel For Thought

There is no energy crisis, only a crisis of ignorance."

- Buckminister Fuller

Somebody needed to do something, and it was incredibly pathetic that it had to be us.

- Jerry Garcia

We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities.

- Walt Kelly

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.

-Richard Feynman

More Fuel For Thought

The Green Fuel Prescription

At Risk: Economy, Environment
Disease: Fossil Fuel Dependency
Symptoms: Pollution, Oil Sheiks
Cure: Higher Mixed Alcohol Fuel
Dosage: Continuous 24/7
Contraindications: None
Manufacturer: Bioroot Energy, LLC

Facts & FAQs

Who is Bioroot Energy, LLC?

Bioroot Energy is a Montana company dedicated to rapid development, production and commercialization of higher mixed alcohol fuel.

What is the company’s mission?

Bioroot Energy’s mission is to be first in the liquid fuels industry to successfully balance local and regional interests, economics, and environmental considerations, with profitable, clean and sustainable liquid fuel generation.

What is the first facility construction timeline?

A pilot demonstration project will be constructed with 18-24 months of project funding, and when operational will be among the world’s first higher mixed alcohol fuel facilities.

What is Gasification?

Read more about Gasification from National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

What is higher mixed alcohol fuel, and how is this fuel superior to ethanol?

Long answer to a short question. Read our biofuels primer.

Read about Ethanol and National Security

Isn’t your process known as Fischer-Tropsch?

No. F-T makes synthetic oils. Our process produces a synthetic, biodegradable blend of alcohols in a process known as methanization, in worldwide use for producing methanol nearly a century. For more info about F-T, here’s a good article.

Will the Renewable Fuel Standard “blend wall” and production of corn ethanol keep your fuel out of the fuel pool? 

Higher mixed alcohol fuel is a NEW oxygenate fuel. It doesn’t exist yet in any commercial volume. It should not be lumped into the RFS blend wall figures for fermented corn ethanol. It may gain a new placeholder status in the federal fuel blending mandate, but not until significant volume is being produced.  Higher mixed alcohol fuel provides many new synergies which are simply not available from corn ethanol or methanol alone, per se.

Why is your company located in Montana?

Simple. It’s the last best place.  :-)

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