High Performance Alcohol Fuels & Biochemical Alcohols


Bioroot Energy clean fuel facilities will convert trash, garbage, biomass, biosolids, coal, methane, and CO2 into clean, strong higher mixed alcohol fuels and specialty biochemical alcohols using a proven, scalable Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) fuel synthesis process. The Company is currently planning two demonstration-scale projects which will be sited in western Montana.

Bioroot Energy is focused on profitable, responsible production of:

  • Powerful, biodegradable alcohol fuels for use in gasoline and diesel-powered cars, trucks, trains, planes, ships, turbines, generators and small engines
  • Specialty “single” alcohols for use as intermediates in biochemical product manufacturing

Higher mixed alcohol projects will put people, businesses, leading-edge technologies and carbon wastes to work producing the world’s cleanest, strongest alcohol fuel. Higher mixed alcohol projects can be sited near municipal landfills, within oil refineries, in oil and gas fields, coal mines and coal-fired power plants, and in manufacturing operations. Waste biomass, garbage and trash streams can be cost effectively processed into clean alcohol fuels and biochemical products that have substantial economic value and environmental merit.

Continuous production of clean, biodegradable alcohol fuel produced from society’s solid, liquid and gaseous carbon wastes is the sustainable foundation of a global opportunity.