High Performance Transportation Fuels & Specialty Green Chemicals


Where will many jobs and new businesses be created in the next fifty years? In “bioregional” clean fuel projects that create significant environmental and economic multipliers via profitable, responsible and sustainable energy production using society’s solid, liquid and gaseous carbon wastes as resources. Alternative energy companies such as Bioroot Energy will hire business development experts, chemical and mechanical engineers, contractors, and construction workers, to build commercial-scale facilities, and plant managers and wage workers, accountants, etc., will staff projects.

Higher mixed alcohol projects put people, businesses and their carbon wastes to work producing the world’s cleanest, strongest alcohol fuel. Higher mixed alcohol projects day can be designed, sited and cleanly operated near municipal landfills, within oil refineries, in oil and gas fields, coal mines and coal-fired power plants, and in heavy manufacturing operations.

Waste biomass, garbage and trash streams can be cost effectively processed into clean fuels and biochemical products that have substantial economic value and environmental merit, especially when these values are developed at a local and regional level. For example, an American city of 100,000 residents easily generates adequate municipal solid and liquid wastes and waste woody biomass to make projects feasible and economically desirable.

Continuous production of clean, biodegradable alcohol fuel, profitably produced from society’s solid, liquid and gaseous carbon wastes is a powerful competitive advantage, and the sustainable foundation of a global business opportunity.