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Alcohol Fuels & Specialty Alcohols

Clean, powerful higher mixed alcohol fuels and green chemicals

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Clean Fuel & Green Biochemical Projects

Innovative Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) solutions for municipalities and industries

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Taking Better Care of Business As Usual

Our business is improving how communities and businesses manage carbon wastes.

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Mega Fires As Seen By 60 Minutes

Why Bioroot Energy soldiers on in spite of political and social headwinds. Sometime soon, a cleaner, stronger alcohol fuel produced from society’s and nature’s abundant carbon wastes will become important.

Before The Flood

Leonardo Di Caprio’s latest climate change documentary is well worth watching for the riveting coverage of environmental problems around the world. But it begs the question, what about solutions? If oil is death, and water is life, what then is alcohol? Furthermore, what is trash? These diverse “carbons” can become whatever humans need them to be, including a clean, scalable replacement for petroleum fuels. Perhaps Mr. DiCaprio will one day agree to star in “Alcohol Fuels: A Giant Unchained” and people all over the world will be the main characters in their own carbon subplots and join forces to help humanity snatch a much needed victory from the jaws of carbon defeat. Responding effectively to climate change risks isn’t rocket science or political theater, it’s as real as life gets and in our own faces. Winning one of humanity’s greatest challenges for the home team would make a great movie. But not until there’s a deluge of clean alcohol fuel and a lot less trash.


Roaring Lion Fire, Bitterroot Mountains

Bitterroots-July31-2016-Julie-Burkhartphoto: Julie Burkhart

Already over 2,000 acres and growing due to strong winds and dry conditions, the Roaring Lion fire looks ready to live up to its name. Highway 93 is currently closed in both directions and evacuations are underway. Fires in wildland/urban interfaces are particularly dangerous, posing threats to people, wildlife, livestock, homes and businesses.

Bioenergy 2016 Conference, July 12-14


Higher Mixed Alcohol Fuel Goes To the Races

Bioroot Energy is revving up to exhibit at the U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy 2016 Conference in Washington, D.C., July 12-14. We’ll be presenting information about our company and mission, fuel products, technologies and projects to energy industry leaders, Congress, national laboratories, academia, and the financial community.

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Bioroot Energy at Bioenergy 2016
Bioroot Energy, Inc.
Bioroot Energy at Bioenergy 2016